Hella Monday

Sarah ( psychedelicsoup ) and I went to the mall for candles. (On ‘sale’.) and I got some nice ones. I got like, blackberry, 2 pumpkin caramels (for me and Ma), and eh, butterscotch. They smell pretty good and Sarah fcking sprayed me in the eye with body spray which helped my watering eye issue but it went into my brain so I’m slower than normal.


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Sigh. You ever just get such an insane amount of mixed feelings toward someone? I dunno I feel like.. on one hand this.. but on the other hand.. What I know. Personally.

I updated my blog I have a sexy skeleton repeating in the background. Thank jeesoos. Okay goodnight.. Morning. Sigh.

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I am preparing for the Halloween festivities with my nerd psychedelicsoup today. Like, 12 hours from now anyway.

I also announce the winner of my art giveaway today. I kinda want it Halloween themed. B(

My ma told me to buy her a pumpkin scented candle too like .. Fine. WHATEVER.