What’s this?

It’s time to say, once again, that sometimes people are interested in exploring relationships and events in a fictional context that are really awful, abusive, upsetting, grotesque, violent, dehumanizing, etc etc

and this does not make them bad people

because fiction and reality are two different things

and most people are capable of telling the difference between them, and liking something in fiction does not mean that you approve of it in the real world, and insinuating that someone who is interested in that kind of thing fictionally must be some sort of sick abusive monster IRL is both disingenuous and stupid

so please don’t do it.


Here are 4 kittens between our fence in the backyard. It’s hard to see but the fourth one is under the kitten on the left. They’re mostly black so it looks like a shadow but don’t worry they’re there and they’re hissing and growling at me. Then there’s the one in the corner being squished against the fence. They are not friendly at all, but they’re cute. No idea where their mama is at the moment but they moved there recently. (This morning or last night i assume)

Look at ‘em.

I guess aside from the obvious I’ll just complain about my vision. My eye’s been watering like crazy and I tell my ma and she says “at least it’s not dry.”

She has dry eye syndrome

She sleeps with her makeup on every single night.

Like okay, Ma.